Kevin Harrison Director of Transportation

Kevin Harrison
Director of Transportation

The Transportation Planning Department provides administration of the Mobile Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the urbanized areas of Mobile County. Staff maintains and develops the 25 year Transportation Long Range Plan (TLRP), the 5 year short range plan (the TIP, or Transportation Improvement Program), the Congestion Management Process (CMP), the carpooling CommuteSmart Program and the annual planning budget (the UPWP, or Unified Planning Work Program). The Department also works with the areas of the Region that are not included in the MPO study area; this program is the Rural Planning Organization (RPO). The RPO includes a strategic planning process among participants to identify future transportation improvements in the rural, “non-MPO” areas.

Freight planning has recently been added to the efforts of the department and the 25 year TLRP now includes a freight element. The freight plan models the freight movement in the MPO area and outlines SARPC’s development of revolutionary new freight planning tools to be incorporated into the planning process.

It is the goal of the Mobile Metropolitan Planning Organization and the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission to not let our infrastructure be an impediment to our growth. All of the programs that help us achieve this goal can be found at the SARPC Transportation Planning Department’s web page here: Transportation Planning Website