The South Alabama Purchasing Association (SAPA) is releasing the bid for the:

TruckParts Tabulation

Release of Bid Information

POST BID NOTICE- RFB- Re-bid Crushed Stone 2018

#TAB- Crushed Stone-2018 – Website

ADDENDA1 Portable restrooms2018

RFB-BID- Portable Restrooms – 2018

TAB- Port RestRms 2018







If you should have any questions, all questions must be emailed to:

All questions must be documented through email and no question will be addressed by the use of telephone or voice mail. Any question must be clearly documented and an answer to that question will be addressed as soon as possible and sent via return email to the person asking the question. A written copy of all questions and answers will be emailed to all bidders in the event clarification is needed. Depending upon the question, a possible Addendum may be sent out for clarification. A bid tabulation will be send via email to all bidders as soon as possible. A decision or announcement of any award of bid will not be made the day of the bid opening. In the following week, bids will be evaluated and as soon as possible, SAPA was awarded the bid to the low bidder meeting all specifications set forth within the bid document. A decision will be emailed as soon as possible to all bidders and members of SAPA.