The Senior AIDES program is administered by the Department of Employment and Economic Development under the auspices of the State of Alabama Department of Senior Services. The program is designed to assist low income mature job seekers and their communities by providing part-time community service work and training.

Men and women 55 years of age or older who have limited income may become Senior AIDES, revitalizing their job skills while supporting local non-profit and governmental agencies.

Earning While Learning

Paid work experience allows enrollees to develop their skills. Formal and informal training is given on the job and through job development services, private sector employer initiatives, classroom training, or a combination of these. When needed, remedial literacy and basic skill classes are offered. Senior AIDES have received instruction in the following areas of expertise.

Computer Literacy

Word Processing

Home Health Care

Commercial Driving

Retail Sales

General Office Operations

Nursing Assistance

Child Care

Clerical Services


Work sites in non-profit or governmental host agencies are carefully selected to assure that these sponsors furnish supervision, instruction, and training for assigned Senior AIDES. Host agencies also agree to consider hiring Senior AIDES whenever job openings occur.

The Senior AIDES Program staff directs and oversees all projects to assure compliance with federal regulations and Senior AIDES Program policies and procedures.