The day-to-day activities of the Commission are carried out by a professional staff headed by an Executive Director. SARPC’s Executive Director is John F. “Rickey” Rhodes.  The Executive Director assures that the policies and work program approved by the Executive Committee are undertaken in an efficient and timely manner. He hires the necessary staff and assigns their duties and responsibilities to assure accomplishment of  the Commission’s annual scope of services as well as compliance with all Federal, State and local requirements.

The South Alabama Regional Planning Commission receives financial support for its programs in the form of dues from its member governments, an appropriation from the State of Alabama and matching grants from various Federal and State agencies. Dollars coming into the Region as a direct result of the Commission’s planning and service activities vary; however, in recent years, over ten dollars have come into the Region from other sources for every local dollar in dues given to the Commission by its member governments. By any standards, that is an excellent return on investment.