South Alabama Regional Planning Commission

South Alabama Regional Planning Commission (SARPC) is a locally controlled and organized instrument of local government in Southwestern Alabama. SARPC serves the three counties of Mobile, Baldwin and Escambia and twenty-nine municipalities through the provision of programs and services in community development; employment and economic development; grant administration; senior and social services and transportation planning. Through its role as a resource for communication, coordination, advocacy, policy-making and technical assistance, SARPC helps facilitate the deliberation and resolution of common problems and issues of member government representatives, elected and non-profit officials and private-sector leaders throughout the South Alabama region.

SARPC was founded as the Mobile Regional Planning Commission in 1964 and in 1968 was expanded to include Baldwin and Escambia counties and was re-branded the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission. SARPC works with federal, state and local entities in delivery of its programs and services and is one of twelve regional commissions in the State of Alabama as provided for in Act 1126 of the 1969 Alabama Legislature.


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